What is raw food?

Raw food means raw vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc. that are eaten raw without cooking. Raw foods contain nutrients and enzymes that normalize the body's

metabolism, remove all kinds of waste, and restore and maintain health.

Ninety-seven percent of the nutrients in raw foods are not damaged and can

almost completely retain nutrients in plants, including chlorophyll, germ and

enzymes. Therefore, raw food is the most natural and healthy food.

Origin of raw food

Raw food was first proposed in the last century by Dr. Ann wigmore of the United States. She had had cancer, doctors say there is no hope,
curing, so she gave up her other medical measures, himself set out
to study the effect of all kinds of herbs and sprouts, and take "raw food therapy", born to eat three square meals a day (fruit, vegetables, etc.).
The results slowly back to health.

After her for her unique raw food therapy in Boston, USA, in 1963
founded the natural raw food health center, make thousands of heart
disease, diabetes, and cancer patients from many countries for
rehabilitation, and thus won the award of the Nobel foundation.
Raw food and health

"Food can't cure a disease, and medicine can't help." This is Greek famous doctor Hippocrates
That is, a correct diet can cure the disease.
Raw foods, because they are not heated, retain most of their natural nutrients.
As a natural food that contains life,
It can restore the body's immunity and relieve the adverse symptoms of various organs.
Regeneration of injured tissue cells, and so on, with excellent normalization of human function.
Eating live, fresh food without heat can bring us good health.
Natural raw food can strengthen the body's own healing power and help the body rely on itself to
prevent and cure various diseases.
Therefore, it can prevent and cure all kinds of diseases.
Raw food is one of the simplest and most amazing foods to prevent modern diseases.
Muan mainly focuses on agriculture,
Germanium loess, mudflats and white lotus in wetland reserve are well known.
It's a blessed place where nature and man coexist.
The loess of wu 'an is rich in germanium.
The plants that grow in this soil are all
human medicine.
It is said that there are few people here with
skin diseases or humps.
Life expectancy is also longer than in other areas.
MAHANAIM production line in the organic
farm in Muan。
Most of the raw materials of MAHANAIM
are picked from security.
Safe, clean and pollution-free.
One cup a day for a healthy life

Rich raw material  
balanced nutrition
         Safe and clean  
convenient and swift

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